My name is Shanahan, I am 16. I have always been home schooled by my mother, at home. I am passionate about yoga, which I have been practicing since the age of 9. I rapidly also came to know Kundalini Yoga, for which I have just received the diploma as a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, from the KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) ! 

In 2015, I discovered Iyengar Yoga, following a silent course with Jean Lechim. Since then, I have been practicing daily the 300 week program proposed by B.K.S. Iyengar in « Yoga Pradipika », by waking up everyday between 4am and 5am, and I also practice Acro Yoga. I wish to take the teacher course of Ashtanga Yoga and Yoga Iyengar, in India.

Reading and writing are also part of me. I have the feeling that I have always been writing, even without knowing how to speak…
I love reading books on personal development, or pieces of work on spirituality, health, yoga ; Everything that allows me to open and wider my consciousness. I feel within me an endless thirst for « learning » in order to find back this infinite wisdom that lives in us, and to experience it. 

I soon was passionate about massaging and health care. When I practice them, I feel a powerful energy flow going over my body and it very often happens that I have beings and luminous forms that appear in front of me (often when I have my eyes closed). In one way or the other, they always bring information that manifest themselves clearly in my head, as if someone was giving me answers without even me asking any questions !!! In the beginning, I was keeping it for myself but today I noticed that those « intuitions » had to be transmitted. And it proved as evidence when I started to give healing sessions to people around me…

I am also passionate about animal communication and I plan to take on an animal therapy course. Horses are beings I feel a big bond with. They have a profound, mystical look that make me shiver every time I plunge myself in it. I do not like to ride them because to me, it is imposing our will and submitting them to humans. I do it sometimes, when I have the occasion to be close to them, but only while being in tune with the horse, bareback and never too long. It is not only with horses that I have this relationship, although with them it is very special. All animals attract me and being able to communicate with them is a precious gift that I wish to develop.


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Shanahan's novel is the fascination story of a young girl's life full of good sense and good will ! A great adventure scattered with Maggie & Spirituality, with so many recipes for a healthy yogic lifestyle. Shanahan is a young swiss author who loves sharing her texts with gifts, in order to surprise the reader until the last line, without forgetting to leave him clues all along the way !

Rania, Reader


I have read your amazing novel at once ! It took me to a magic and luminous world where Love & respect of Living Beings dominate. I truly loved the appearing of the dad who says to live in the Present moment, our society tends so much to forget this... it touched me. I also loved the force of the different encounters and the energy exchange between humans and animals. I can only encourage you to keep on writing as you are doing, listening to your heart and your difference. I am amazed by your maturity and your writing style, it is impressive : BRAVO !!!! Bravo and Bravo to your mum also for everything she transmitted to you. Bravo to her, for having had the force to live her countercurrent convictions, you can be proud both of you. 

Christine, Reader




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